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Innovative Stadium Design

Innovative Stadium Design

Delft University of Technology - Master 4 - Master Thesis

The thesis is based on the design and development of a demountable, floating soccer stadium. In this way, the stadium can be used in different locations. This prevents the stadiums that are built, after the event will be neglected and too large for local use.

Using different configurations is a response to the specific location requirements. This leads to a stadium that can meet the needs of the site and in this way, the efficiency will be increased. During this duo graduation project I have focused on the floating building.

This master thesis has been a duo assignment in collaboration with Kevin Vermeulen. For more information, please contact me.

Report (English)
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Keywords: Innovative Stadium Design, Floating, Stadium, Pontoons, FIFA
XXL Workshop

XXL Workshop

Delft University of Technology - Master 3

During this project, a design has been made for the New Kuip. This new stadium of Feyenoord is design with the knowledge of different analysis' and requirements. Durability and sustainability was a main aspect of the assignment and had a lot of influence in the design.

Using the stadium 24/7 has been very important to make the efficiency as high as possible, but also the use and generation of energy has been a big issue. Performance based design has been a focus point during the workshop by using software like grasshopper. All this combined made this an integrated, sustainable design.

Report (English)

Keywords: New Kuip, Stadium Design, Rotterdam, Feyenoord
Building Technology

Research Center Voorburg-Leidschendam

Delft University of Technology - Master 2

This assignment is mainly focussed on the building technology, designing a research and knowledge center in Voorburg-Leidschendam. The location, situated along the river 'de Vliet' has a number of requirements which demand a strong and smart design.

The various tasks are performed in an interdisciplinary team which will focus on the following points; architecture, structure, facade design, climate systems and lighting. All this together creates an integrated project with a technical approach.

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Keywords: Research Center, Voorburg-Leidschendam, Integral design
High Rise

High Rise Workshop

Delft University of Technology - Master 2

The project assignment was to design a high-rise tower in Rotterdam. Near the Central Station of Rotterdam, Weena plein is located which is the exact location of the tower. In an interdisciplinary team there has been worked on all the aspects of this integral design.

The tasks were divided in to several parts, which each member of the team performs. Architecture, structure, facade design and the various building services such as lift capacity and building physics will be addressed. This all is combined into an integral result.

Report (English)

Keywords: High Rise, Rotterdam, Weena Toren, Atria
The Endless Rotation

The Endless Rotation

Delft University of Technology - Master 1

Designing an innovative cladding system for a building of 40x40x40 meter and so improve the performance of the building in a positive way. In this project, elements are developed with an endless rotating and tilted screen which improves the building in building physics, acoustics and aesthetically.

Besides the technical design and modeling of this cladding system, it is also tested using different programs to calculate the strength of the structure, the physical and acoustic values and eventually a prototype has been build.

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Keywords: Endless Rotation, Element, Integral solution

Javaplein as urban catalyst

Delft University of Technology - Pre-master

The draft statement covers the redesign and completion of the Javaplein in Amsterdam. On this square homes, a library and a gathering space has to be realized. The idea behind the whole project is the renovation of the neighborhood and the improvement of living standards.

This is needed to improve the image of problem area and become a better and prosperous neighborhood. This will not be possible with only improving this square, but this will be the start in order to work around the problem area and make it a neighborhood where people like to hang out and want to live in.

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Keywords: Amsterdam, Javaplein, Library

Projects Amsterdam University of Applied Science


Crematorium and Funeral home in Holsbeek

Amsterdam University of Applied Science - Graduation Project

When developing a crematorium and funeral home, there are besides the building regulations a lot of focus points to make the building a success. The key factor is the feeling that the building gives. Given the function this part has to be worked out properly.

Using an existing design, an extensive analysis has been done on every part of the crematorium and funeral home. By editing the design at certain places and other adjustments to create the ideal floor plan, there finally has been made a total technical solution.

Analysis report (Dutch)
Final report (Dutch)
Drawings (Dutch)
A1 and A0 format drawings (Dutch)

Keywords: Crematorium, Funeral home, Heat recovery
Extreme Engineering part 2

Extreme Engineering 2

Amsterdam University of Applied Science - Minor

In this project there will be focused on a floating solution for the climate change. There has been made a design for a floating, semi-autarkic, aerodynamic, twelve-story high apartment building. This complex will be located in the IJmeer. Based on the analysis for the ideal shape, location and sustainability a program of requirements can be made.

All facets of the design are investigated. For instance the buoyancy and the design of the apartments. In addition, the entire concept was developed based on the key elements of the design. Sustainability and energy efficiency had a great influence on this subjects.

Analysis report (Dutch)
Final report (Dutch)

Keywords: Floating apartments, IJmeer
Extreme Engineering part 1

Extreme Engineering 1

Amsterdam University of Applied Science - Minor

A country like the Netherlands is very vulnerable when it comes to sea level rise. On top of this lies a fact that the subsidence in the Netherlands will cause a double effect. Furthermore, we have sixteen million people, not even on the top of our population and there is a large part live in the already crowded Randsta. How this can be solved is the subject of this minor. It combines these problems and solve all these issues into one integral solution.

In this report you will find analysis of the various factors that are important for the realization of a floating city. Ultimately, a program of requirements can be based on this analysis and research for a floating city an all the related factors such as nature, work, housing and recreation.

Report (Dutch)

Keywords:Floating city, IJmeer